Whitstable Harbour Day 2015 Crowdfund

Whitstable Harbour Day is a annual event at Whitstable, whereby local busineses, local fisherman, get together with charities such as RNLI Whitstable, Childrens Hospice and many many more, The event has been ongoing for over 20 years, organised by West Whelks Jean, Derek and Graham West to raise as much money for charities as possible.

The event is free of charge and aimed at audiences from 0-100 with an average of 6000 people attending. However on the dawn of the 2014 event vandals destroyed the Brass Band gazebo meaning the brass band had to tough it out in scroching Auguest weather for 8 hours playing to entertain the masses.

Alas as this event is supported by local busineses and proceeds going to the various local charities we need your help to help us raise the financing for a new gazebo shown here.

With the new gazebo we can ensure that the brass band among with other music bands that play throughout the day are safe from the environment whether it be rain or sunshine.

Fund Raised

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